Creating a successful educational journey for a child is every parents dream. This can be a challenge If a child has a special need or learning disability. Picking the right type of educational support in this situation is even more important. There are many Special education schools available in the city with varying facilities and capacity. However, very few cater to the child’s wholistic need. One such school is Kenmax Integrated Special School (KISS) with both Residential and Day-care facilities.

Kenmax Integrated Special School (KISS) Residential and Day-care is run by Divinity Foundation, Madurai.  KISS is first of its kind in India with the objective to provide comprehensive care to the needs of the challenged child. Our novel model of special school integrates A Paediatrician trained in Developmental and Behavioral medicine, a team of medical therapist, Teachers trained in special needs education, A Dietician to assess nutritional needs and complimented by trained day care assistants.

Kenmax Integrated Special School (KISS) have onsite specialists, such as speech therapist, physical therapists, and occupational therapists. All three are essential in helping the child progress in their language and physical skills.  There are many other benefits, including smaller class sizes, which make it easier for children to concentrate and learn. Furthermore, many students with special needs may have trouble with sensory overload, which can easily happen in a larger classroom of noisy children. Kenmax Integrated Special School (KISS) is also better equipped with teachers and specialists to help your child in many different areas. Since the teachers are trained in special education, they know about and have experience teaching children with unique learning abilities.

Additionally, Kenmax Integrated Special School (KISS) is a great environment for children who need extra love and understanding when it comes to their physical needs, we also provide Residential facility with up-market rooming facilities, on-site catering and a secure webcam access to view your child 24×7 other than classroom time.  

As a parent, it is your priority to get the best possible education, support and environment for your child and it is our privilege to be part of that journey. Keeping this in mind we work in transparency and parents and guardian are welcome to visit our school anytime with prior appointment and spend time in the school. (subject to prior appointment and operational restrictions)